Here in the Northwest we do get the occasional wind storm or ice storm that is nature’s way of ‘pruning’ the dead or diseased wood. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t plan her storms around your schedule. We make ourselves completely available to assist clients with unforseen emergencies. When the need arises, we are experienced in working with a crane or boom truck to carefully remove severe storm damage, such as precarious or threatening limbs which are in close proximity to your home.

After a severe wind storm, branches broke off and were hanging. The wind was able to twist one limb because of some rot within it. These limbs were able to be removed without the use of a crane.


A severe wind storm in Corvallis, December 2006. These trees below needed removal by a crane.

The picture of the oak to the left was the DAY BEFORE. This majestic oak was starting to ‘sway’ a little too much and was scheduled to come down the next day. But before the end of this first day, it started to go, Folks were evacuated safely as it hit the house. We removed the tree the following day using a crane and our truck.