The Limbwalker Tree Care Company has been tending to trees in Corvallis and around Benton County, Oregon since the mid 1980’s and has been licensed since 1990. At Limbwalker Tree Care Company, we focus on pruning and preserving trees and shrubs to maximize their health, beauty, vigor and benefits.

Our work is always outside and very physical, but our eyes are focused on the natural appeal and wellness of trees. In order to preserve the health of some trees, the removal of others that are in poor condition, have storm damage or are in inappropriate places, is sometimes necessary. We use a crane for removal of large trees and also do stump grinding.

Because we handle copious amounts of firewood, we frequently donate to Community Woodshare Services. Every year we are called upon to ‘shag’ things from trees. We have retrieved cats, iguanas, kites and model airplanes, and installed antennae, tree houses and rope swings of all kinds.


Arborist Certification is a voluntary program administered by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) to provide recognition of one’s professional knowledge by one’s peers. Certification is earned by passing 3 1/2-hour examination in ten parts covering topics such as Tree, Soil & Water Relations; Tree Nutrition and Fertilization; Identification and Selection, etc.

Candidates for the examination must have three or more years of experience in tree-related work, although academic study in forestry, horticulture, or other collateral field may substitute for one year. And, after becoming certified, the arborist must maintain a certain number of continuing education credits through approved seminars, course work, or workshops. To attain and continually maintain Arborist Certification affirms an individual’s technical competency and indicates an ongoing commitment to professional development.